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paolo mussat sartor “visions”

Posted on: May 30th, 2021 by editor No Comments

Photo & Contemporary

On display 25 small-format photographic prints with silver salts with pictorial interventions.

15th September  30th November 2021

After having elaborated for years particular painting techniques in oil and pigments and toning techniques on b/w photographic papers, Paolo Mussat Sartor creates unique examples of prints of great charm and poetry. The theme of travel, visionary, inner nomadism emerge in dreamlike and delicate images, almost suffused mirages, which show us views of landscapes and glimpses of mysterious and surprising cities.
Revelations of a traveller at the wheel of his car, immersed in a solipsistic, almost feverish dimension; a non-stop journey through the hallucinatory obsession of photography as a metaphor for an existential path to pursue a hidden beauty, glimpsed for a moment and then suddenly disappeared.

Dark and dreamy images of Prague, with austere and elegant suspended palaces and flying bell towers in the manner of Chagall, or of Lisbon, melancholy and elusive towards the ocean with its famous stairs and descending streets, before its final consecration in the films of Alain Tanner and Wim Wenders. Or Paris and the Italian cities, Venice with golden reflections, the intimate and clandestine Turin, but also  Rome of the 70s, timidly discovered by the artist in a car, almost encapsulated in its cockpit, which becomes part of the composition.